Car Share Recommendations for Residents

As of 1 Aug 2017, we will have 4 vehicles belonging to our residents and will need to clear a space at the back for the 4th vehicle.

Please be reminded that for the sake of peace and goodwill among our neighbours, please do not park overnight in front of anyone else’s house except our own.

We encourage car sharing at Warwick Suites and can recommend you join Modo which gives you the ability to share hundreds of different sports cars, SUVs, trucks and vans – without all the hassles of owning. And gas, insurance and toll bridges are free. All you need is a valid BC driver’s licence. If you are a new student, we encourage you to get a BC driver’s licence as soon as you can even if you do not intend to drive for the foreseeable future.

If you would like to join, please click this link.

The nearest vehicle is #837 (Honda Fit) parked 12 min walk from our site.

Please open a support ticket (for help) or email Modo’s local customer service team at, or give them a call at 604.685.1393.